Gone phishing

Message from Mark Amsden: Online risks and how you can stay cyber savvy

Phishing attacks are a serious threat to our business, they are happening daily and are increasingly more difficult to spot. We recently caught up with Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Mark Amsden, about the risks and how we can stay safe to cyber crime. 

'I want to talk to colleagues about phishing - a very real issue that every one of us faces at work and in our personal lives,' said Mark. 

'On Wednesday 2 June, Think Secure ran a phishing simulation which is designed to help you stay cyber savvy and aware of the latest threats,' said Mark. 'It was very pleasing to see that almost 92% of you did not click on the link however, less than 8% reported the email to Spam Awareness, which must improve.

'In order to protect ourselves we need YOU. You are the greatest defence we have against any phishing attack and your ongoing ability to identify and report these incidents quickly is essential to keeping us all safe.

'Remain alert and be careful what you click on as the consequences could be serious for those who repeatedly fall foul of the phish!

'Remember, protect your data, protect yourselves and don’t click on dodgy links. As always, my tip is if it sounds too good be true, it probably is.'

28 Jun 2021