Top 5 tweets

‘You are the true heroes of this pandemic…’

Our latest round of top five tweets selected from the past few days show how grateful customers are at the ‘exceptional service’ our people continue to deliver day in day out.

From residents in south London taking to the streets to thank their local postie, José Dos Santos, to Covid-19 vaccinators expressing their gratitude for our first-class navigational skills. In the words of one highly impressed customer – ‘You are the true heroes of this pandemic.’

  • @DrRosena – The wonderful residents of Heslop Road have got in touch with me to say a big thank you to their local postie, José (pictured), who has been delivering their post with a smile throughout the pandemic. You can join in and say thank you to your local postie by tweeting #ThumbsUpForYourPostie
  • @NHSWI – NHSWI would like to thank our local Royal Mail team in helping Covid-19 vaccinators reach housebound patients in our more remote areas. One vaccinator said "One of the postal drivers actually drove ahead of us to show the way, as the address was hard to find."@NHSWI @RoyalMail
  • @pondhopper49 – How about this for a news item then? Prince Charles thanking RM for everything they've done and continue to do during the pandemic. Time for ALL of the news media to give RM a massive mention for their work isn't it?
  • @jane_heather – The Royal Mail is an exceptional service and has kept this country going through adversity. Love my Royal Mail carrier too. #Cornwall #Camborne #royalmail
  • @ScarlettSabet – Thank you to all the hardworking staff at @RoyalMail. You are the true heroes of this pandemic.
3 Mar 2021