Looking sharp!

Colleagues have been putting a new uniform through its paces as part of a 12-week trial

Check out this gallery of colleagues putting the new uniform to the test while out and about and on delivery.

A new uniform is being trialled for posties as part of a 12-week pilot that began last month, writes Zoe Walker.

The new design, which retains the iconic Royal Mail red colour, is the first proposed change to Royal Mail’s uniform in more than 10 years - and frontline colleagues have inspired the look and feel of the changes.

National uniform and print manager, Sam Dixon, said: ‘For the last two years, I have been out visiting sites up and down the length and breadth of the country, speaking to people, engaging with them to understand what it is that they like or dislike about the current uniform and how we can make it better for them. So that it is fit for purpose and functional for the everyday day-to-day roles of their jobs.’

The updated uniform includes swish new walking trousers, shorts, tops, soft shell jackets, gilets and headwear - to better reflect the demands of modern delivery rounds, including increasing parcel deliveries.

It has been created by a team of experts in design, fabrics and product development, along with a leading specialist in biomechanics to take account of the highly physical work that Royal mail posties do on a daily basis.

George Otieno, a postman at Skipton delivery office, said: ‘It is crucial that we look the part and that we look professional, and certainly the uniform is a big part of that. Because it is probably the most visible part of being a Royal Mail employee.’

The trial is designed to fully test the uniform’s suitability for Royal Mail employees. If successful, it will replace the current uniforms worn by our posties.

Simon Thompson said: ‘I think it is really important that our uniforms look great for customers and feel good for our colleagues, because if you want to win, you need to look like you are winning!

‘We are on the doorstep, delivering that great trust, and I actually think how we look is a real positive element of giving the customers the feelings that we really want them to have about us.'

2 Mar 2021