Half-term dog safety

AVOID-ing dog attacks - take extra care on delivery this half term

This week is half term in most areas of the country, which means the likelihood of dogs being outside is increased.

With lockdown still in place across the UK, more people are likely to be at home. This increases the chances of dogs being loose around customers’ houses or in their gardens.

Dogs are a threat to our people all year round, but statistics show that they are a bigger threat during half term when children are not in school. Colleagues have suffered 1,448 animal attacks so far this year, highlighting how dogs continue to be a significant hazard to our people.

Dog-related attacks have been responsible for serious life-changing injuries for a number of colleagues. Despite the change in our delivery policy, the greatest risk still exists when calling to deliver a parcel or collect a signature. Always step well back from the customer’s door or garden. If you can hear the presence of a dog, call out to the customer and ask them to put the dog in a safe place before they open the door.

Remember, all dogs have the potential to injure and harm. As such, it is vital we ensure that the correct safety standards on dog-related risks are fully engaged by reinforcing the below AVOID safety message this half-term.

Always remember to AVOID attacks by:

  • A - avoiding any interaction with dogs
  • V - value yourself: don't put yourself at risk
  • O - observe: keep your walk log up to date
  • I - inform others of potential risk
  • D - defend yourself if necessary, using your delivery equipment.

If you have significant issues with animal attacks in your unit, click here for your self-service action plan and here to access our dog attack risk materials page.

16 Feb 2021