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'POOBI changed my life'

Postie’s daughter lands dream paramedic job thanks to POOBI bursary

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Greenwich University graduate Chelsie Read has landed her dream job working as a paramedic thanks to a bursary from the Post Office Orphans Benevolent Institution (POOBI).

After hearing about the scheme from a colleague, dad Graham applied and was awarded a grant worth £3,600, allowing his daughter to complete a three-year paramedic science degree.

‘It’s been a great achievement for Chelsie,’ said Graham, who is a postman in Wales. ‘She always wanted to be a paramedic and we’re really proud of her. I’d definitely recommend POOBI to anyone thinking of applying. It’s been a huge help to us.’

Chelsie is now a qualified paramedic working for the South Western Ambulance service in Bristol.

‘POOBI changed my life and I feel so lucky,’ she said. ‘The experience has been amazing and I’m really grateful. Without the grant I wouldn’t have been able to do extra courses and events, which really helped me learn more about the profession.’

Last year, POOBI celebrated a decade of awarding university bursaries. It has helped hundreds of Royal Mail families, like Graham and Chelsie.

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