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Data Protection Day

Protect our informaiton and respect our customer's privacy

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Global Data Protection Day is an annual event that helps to raise awareness around data privacy best practices. 

For Royal Mail Group, this means ensuring data belonging to our customers and our employees is protected.

Think about how much information we send and share that contains personal data relating to our colleagues, customers and other parties via email and other business communications. Then there’s information regarding employee payroll or personal details on job applications, processed by our HR colleagues. It’s also particularly important for those involved in marketing or the buying and selling of customer information to take particular care when handling such data.

Across all roles at RMG, and in our lives outside work, there is data to protect. And, if this information were to fall into the wrong hands, there is a risk of financial and reputational consequences for Royal Mail Group as well as potential personal consequences for employees and customers.

This is why it’s important that we all continue to take ownership of the data we handle, when at work, on the move and at home, and take pride in the great service we provide to customers, from both a delivery perspective and a data protection point of view. We should always make sure we handle both customer and our own personal data in the right way and never use personal information for inappropriate purposes.

This Data Protection Day, and all other days for that matter, let’s make sure we maintain our high standards and ensure that 2016 is another great year for keeping our information safe.

For more information on how to protect our information visit the Think secure pages of