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Protecting our revenue

New tool will make it easier to cancel stamps

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The business is reporting a 9% decline in the number of non-cancelled postage stamps in the network.

The new revenue integrity transformation team – formed in July last year – is tackling the problem, which

loses the business millions in revenue each year.

Communication to mail centres has increased. Kandasamy Mohan, FSM operator and quality pillar team member

at Gatwick mail centre, said: ‘This is an important issue and we’ve worked hard to tackle it.

‘We used to send mixed streams of mail to the FSM, but now we separate it on the “A” feed to ensure we cancel all the stamps.

‘We also cancel the stamp parcels that we get through the parcels pipeline, which has helped to protect our revenue.’

A new hand-stamp tool has also been successfully trialled in Banbury and London delivery offices with a view to

being rolled out nationwide in the new financial year. This will make it easier for teams to cancel stamps.