PDA power

New PDAs rollout completes, Denial of Receipt, Parcelforce REX, Containerisation, Black History Month

You said and the business acted – the rollout of the new PDAs is complete for the core Royal Mail network.

Eight months on, we return to Warrington Delivery Office as part of this week’s RMtv to see the difference that having your say makes.

‘Improvement for me is the size and lightness of it. Also, when you’re in the office in the morning loading up with the scanner before your delivery – it loads up a hell of a lot quicker,’ said postman, Mike Hayes.

Also in the programme: Trust is kept when we scan on the doorstep: reducing Denial of Receipt complaints. Delivering on our REX commitment for Parcelforce drivers and improving how we process Covid-19 test kits.

Plus, it’s the 34th Black History Month in the UK – our EmbRace network is helping lead the company’s celebrations this month.

Watch the full programme on Workplace.

1 Oct 2021