Recognising excellence

The CEO and COO Awards are back for 2021 / 22 – with some changes to the format

Our quarterly and annual CEO and COO Awards are back in business for 2021 /2022 – rewarding and recognising excellent results across the UK.

There are a few changes to the way that the awards will work this year. As before – most, but not all of the awards, are data-driven. Performance still matters. 

The main broad difference to the awards is that our chief operating office (COO), Achim Dünnwald, will now individually sponsor most of the quarterly awards, which are data-driven and take place across the UK throughout the year, and also the annual performance awards.

The following quarterly awards will therefore now be known as the COO Awards:

North and South regions – three awards per SDL area, making 60 in total

  • Small delivery office of the quarter
  • Large delivery office of the quarter
  • Most improved delivery office of the quarter

The quarterly operational awards have also changed slightly this year to ensure we reward and recognise everyone – at both a national and local level. The following operational awards will therefore also be known as COO Awards:

Local and national operational awards – five quarterly COO operational awards in total

  • Fleet Workshop of the Quarter
  • Distribution Unit of the Quarter – covering vehicle operating centres and local distribution Centres
  • Royal Mail Processing Unit of the Quarter – covering mail centres and regional distribution centres
  • Parcelforce Worldwide Depot of the Quarter
  • Parcels Operations Processing Unit of the Quarter.

The CEO Awards have been separated out and are sponsored exclusively by Simon as follows:

Special Recognition Award – this once-a-year award is voted for by YOU - from a shortlist of units best showcasing all of Royal Mail’s values. These awards are not data-driven and carry a cash prize for the winning unit. Competition was stiff last time, so this award is one to watch out for! It’s never too early to get thinking about how you might best showcase your unit for the 2021/22 Special Recognition Award.

Trust Award – a new award for the unit that shows the most improvement in trust index – data driven.

A new award to the most improved team each month with presentation visit, certificate and breakfast.

There will also be an overall annual award for most improved trust unit.

All our annual award winners for both the COO Awards and CEO Awards will receive a visit to recognise their achievements, a plaque, badges, lanyards and £10k for unit improvements.

Look out for pics and stories from the winners across our channels over the coming year.

6 Sep 2021