Tyre trial

15 electric vans at West London Delivery Office fitted with specialist tyres

We’re trialling emission-reducing tyres at our West London Delivery Office to further improve air quality.

The results of the six to nine-month trial at the unit, near Wembley, may inform future purchasing decisions across our fleet.

The specialist tyres are expected to produce fewer microparticle emissions compared to standard tyres and could also improve efficiency by extending electric vehicle range.

Although electric vehicles issue zero tailpipe emissions, their tyres may emit more particulate matter and road wear compared to diesel and petrol vehicles, due to their increased weight and torque.

James Baker, chief engineer and fleet director, said: ‘We’re committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact. The trial and potential wide scale introduction of more efficient and environmentally-friendly tyres enables us to help achieve this, while allowing us to continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.’

This latest trial is part of our long-term environmental strategy to help meet our goal of delivering a cleaner future. It comes in partnership with Transport for London and tyre manufacturer ENSO.

The tyres will be monitored and weighed every six weeks to measure their wear rate, estimate particulate matter emitted, and range achieved in comparison to standard tyres.

19 Aug 2021