Easy as 1 2 3

Signing up to Workplace is quicker and easier than ever before with our new simple five-step guide

Looking to check out all the news and discussion on Workplace but still not signed up?

Think it’ll take too long and just not got round to it? Tried… and given up?

Well, we’ve listened to your feedback and made it even easier to sign up to Workplace. 

Check out our new five step guide here – it cuts through all the noise to bring colleagues only the information they ‘need to know’ to get up and running on Workplace.

Once you’re in there – why not take a look around, check out the existing groups and see what others are saying?

After that, the decision of how to use our communication and collaboration tool is up to you – you may choose to post, set up your own group, chat with colleagues and make your voice heard on new products, trials and services. To help shape the future of our business.

Or you may simply choose to drop in every so often to check out the latest Royal Mail news and announcements and see what others are saying. It’s up to you.

We have created a handy, easy-print black and white version of our simple sign up guide for you to print off and display in your unit here

Paul Smith, senior channels manager, said: ‘We introduced Workplace to improve and speed up communications across Royal Mail, and in particular to give everyone a voice.

‘We want everyone to see what is happening across our business and the best place to do that right now is through Workplace.

'That’s why we’re continuing to make it as simple as possible for colleagues to log in and this new handy step-by-step process should alleviate any sign-up concerns.’

5 Aug 2021