Supporting England

Our approach to Sunday’s Euro 2020 final

We want to be as flexible as we can to allow those colleagues who wish to support England in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final to watch the match.

For the first time in 55 years, England have reached a major championship final as they go up against Italy at Wembley for an 8pm showdown that has captured the nation.

While not everyone follows football, or supports England – we are, of course, a company that represents four countries – we know many will want to back Gareth Southgate’s men on an historic occasion.

We want to be flexible, while ensuring our customers get the service they expect on Monday.

‘Many of us are huge football fans and the fact that England has reached the final of a major championship is brilliant news,’ says Matt Newman, general counsel and interim chief HR officer.

‘We know that lots of you will want to watch the match and celebrate (we hope …) the result. We want to be as flexible as we can with our people and those that will be cheering England on, but we also need to make sure our operation isn't too disrupted and our customers can still rely on us to deliver a brilliant service on Monday.’

With all of that in mind, and while we can’t change shift and start times because of the complexity of our operations and our responsibility to deliver a brilliant service, we are asking line managers to please consider taking the following approach to be flexible for colleagues:

  • Use our screens and sound systems so that anyone who is working during the final and wants to enjoy the game can do so
  • Relax our usual approach to phones on the operational floor if that works for your office so that people can follow the game
  • Do what you can to accommodate any last-minute holiday requests or shift changes – please be flexible where you can
  • Encourage your teams to phone in on Monday morning if they are going to be a little late, just this once. The important thing is not to write the whole day off!

Matt adds: ‘For those of you who will be supporting England on Sunday – let’s hope for a safe delivery of that trophy back home.’

And why not take a leaf out of the book of colleagues in North East and Cumbria – ‘even though football is coming home, make sure you are as well.’ Look at this Workplace post. Don’t take your eye off the ball!

9 Jul 2021