Pivotal timing

CWU’s Tony Bouch blogs on the roll-out of new PDAs

Tony Bouch, CWU national postal executive council member, blogs on the rollout of our new PDAs after Ely Delivery Office last week became the first full unit to start using them.


‘It’s pivotal timing to be giving colleagues brand new PDAs, particularly as we launch new products and services going forwards.

‘We’ve got to have a device that works. It’s been well documented in the last 18 months that the current PDAs have been letting our members down – battery life, wet weather, scanning speed – the feedback from our members has been they’re frustrated. Especially when devices reboot or slow down at the doorstep, it’s unprofessional in front of customers.

‘We’re in a position now with the number of attendance calls we make where it’s huge to have a new device that works.

‘The feedback I’ve had on our new device, from the early users, has been brilliant. It’s much lighter, it’s quicker and the battery lasts.

‘The PDA is probably the second most important issue after uniforms we hear about from our members. On delivery, there using it for four or five hours at any one time and in Process for an eight-hour shift, so I think it’s something they all want to see work.

‘We need to be in a position where, particularly as we move towards Peak, we’re ready for the volumes we handle and the parcels growth so the quicker we get the new PDAs deployed for all the better it will be for everyone’s interests.’

15 Jul 2021