Love and acceptance

‘Pride month really helps us showcase all the different identities’

Our regular Pride celebrations were once again on ice this year, but that hasn’t stopped colleagues from using small but powerful ways to throw their support behind LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Hayley Wright-Legge, shift manager at Princess Royal Distribution Centre, made it all about the party for her and her colleagues.

‘I threw a BBQ party at PRDC for our pride. The colours, music, food, drink and laughter made it Pride for me.’

Operational support manager, Leanne Lyons, said she loved getting involved in Pride events and promoting events at Manchester Mail Centre.

‘It’s been a great opportunity to open up conversations with our frontline teams and discuss and raise awareness on equality.’

A sentiment agreed by programmes SHE strategic business partner, Richard Wiggins: ‘A month of inclusion being highlighted and importantly shouted out about loudly – amazing fun and great time – that feeling of sheer pride when at a Pride event is unbeatable.’

Although the cake sales go down a treat for Janet Sheard and her team, for the area leadership team support manager Pride is more than just sharing and enjoying desserts.

‘It’s about talking to people, smiling and sharing inclusiveness - opening up conversations and spending time with my best bud, Leanne Lyons.’

To help drive awareness, LGBT+ & Friends committee member Leon Evans organised a pack of the different Pride flags to showcase what part of the community they represented and the history of how each one came about. 

‘I took any opportunity to engage, celebrate and educate our amazing LGBT+ community! In work, Pride month really helps us showcase all the different identities in our ever-growing Rainbow with our Allies really pushing the bar so high this year,’ said Leon.

‘I’ve had to post so many Delivering with Pride t-shirts! It’s been brilliant to see and hear so many different LGBT+ voices be given a platform and push-back against the negativity that comes with being LGBT+. The work isn’t over. Pride month really feels like we aren’t alone.’

For fellow committee members, Julia Casson and Emma Eade, it’s a time to celebrate, but also a time to educate.

‘We walk and dance through the streets in our red t-shirts being open and proud of who we are! It’s a chance to catch up with colleagues who are more like an extended family,’ says Julia.

‘For me, Pride month is a more focused look and approach to LGBT+ community struggles and issues. It’s a time to educate people by raising awareness of what is still happening out there – within the organisation, society and across the globe.’

If you’d like to get involved and make a difference, email the LGBT+ & Friends steering group email:

2 Jul 2021