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We're changing. And it's working

One month on from our full year results and the announcement of some of the plans for our future, we’ve been picking up on the changes we’re already making through the thoughts of colleagues across the country.

The RMtv cameras hit the road to see what you think of what’s changing in the business – from new PDAs, to improved culture, brand-new parcel hubs and more parcel sorting machines. Hear what your colleagues have to say in this week’s show.

Also in the programme, shining a light on the North London workshop team keeping our fleet on the road, a closer look at what went into the design of our new uniform and scan-in, scan-out gets the seal of approval from Slough colleagues, while Achim Dünnwald tells us how it works – including with overtime.

Watch here. You can also now watch each new episode on the People App every Monday and see theRMtv archive on Workplace, here, in case you’ve missed any episodes.

25 Jun 2021