Postal apprenticeships

Building the future of Royal Mail today

Applications are now open to our Postal Apprenticeship Scheme – which will see us recruiting one of the UK’s largest intakes of apprentices.

It is anticipated that the Postal Apprenticeship Scheme will bring a surge of new young talent into Royal Mail – and equip them with a range of transferable skills.

Apprenticeships will last for 13 months, and areas such as customer services, industry knowledge, and lessons in financial budgeting and health and wellbeing will be covered.

Applicants who successfully complete the scheme will be offered a permanent role with the Company.

The saying goes that actually ‘there’s nothing new under the sun.’ And our ‘brand-new’ scheme, which will offer up to 1,000 Level 2 Apprenticeships based at locations across the UK, in fact builds on the history of Postal Cadet Scheme, which ran right up until 1996.

Many of our senior colleagues began their careers through the Postal Cadet Scheme and speak fondly about the thorough understanding it gave them of the business – from the ground up – while providing them with a launchpad to go on and thrive as empathetic and knowledgeable leaders.

Operations development director, Ricky McAulay, said: ‘We couldn’t be prouder to launch our Postal Apprenticeship Scheme at a time when the pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on career opportunities across the country.

‘We’ve placed a real emphasis on ensuring that our scheme has a range of transferable skills so that successful candidates can take what they learn with them for the rest of their careers.

‘Having started my work at Royal Mail as a Postal Cadet in 1986, I know the benefit that these initiatives can have on a career and I look forward to seeing these aspiring apprentices join us at Royal Mail.’

An initial cohort of 500 apprentices will begin in September 2021, with up to a further 500 roles being allocated across the business from the New Year.

Click here to visit the Early Careers section for more information and to apply.

Regional breakdown for the initial cohort of 500 apprentices:


Central & East London: 25

Croydon & South East: 25

Essex & Anglia: 25

Home Counties North: 20

Home Counties South: 25

Medway: 20

South Coast: 25

South Wales: 15

South West: 35

Thames Valley: 35

South Total: 250



Cheshire and Merseyside: 27

East and North Scotland: 17

NE and Cumbria: 25

NI & West Scotland: 15

North West England: 31

South Midlands: 25

S.Yorkshire and Lincs: 24

West Mids: 32

Yorkshire: 27

East Mids and Peterborough (TBC): 27*

North total: 250

28 Jun 2021