One of our own

Ormskirk donate prize win to help a colleague in need

Ormskirk colleagues have generously pledged £500 won through an internal competition to a postman who has suffered life-changing injuries, writes Paul Smith.

In February, we requested pictures of you watching our special broadcast by The Prince of Wales, which we played simultaneously in offices across the country – and many teams shared their snaps.

Ormskirk Delivery Office was one and they were selected – at random – to claim the £500 cash donation on offer, for colleagues to choose what they’d like to do with it.

Upon hearing of the plight of postman Mick Miller, who has worked for Royal Mail for 34 years, they were moved to gift it all to him.

In late May, Mick was training for a triathlon in the Peak District when a cycling accident changed his life. He suffered a broken neck and spinal cord and other broken bones and has been left paralysed from the chest down.

Although he may never walk again, Mick is keen to begin his rehabilitation and adapt to the new challenges he faces.

Ormskirk Delivery Office issued a comment as to why they felt moved to make the donation, saying: ‘When we heard about Mick’s cause, the staff at Ormskirk were unanimous in wanting to make a gesture that showed our sympathy and support to Mick and his family.’

Colleagues from other offices across the UK are also pledging their support – and you can too, by clicking here.

17 Jun 2021