2020-21 CR report

Today we launched our 19th annual corporate responsibility report

Today we launched our 19th annual corporate responsibility report – a summary of our approach to corporate responsibility including a detailed look at our people, health and safety, community and environmental performance for the 2020-21 financial year.

Click here to hear our director of corporate affairs, Jenny Hall, outlining the topics covered by the report. 

Some of the key highlights for the year are:

  • Royal Mail has the lowest reported carbon footprint per parcel of all major UK delivery companies, at 208gCO2e
  • 1.5bn items of PPE delivered to care homes, GP surgeries and social care providers
  • Our people raised £2.3m for UK charities and good causes
  • 44% of our Board is made up of women
  • 34% of new contracts were awarded to small and medium-sized businesses.

Jenny Hall, director of corporate affairs, said: ‘Last week we published our annual report, which covers the performance of the business generally over the last year.

‘This corporate responsibility report allows us to go into more detail about all of the work that we do in the communities that we operate in, our progress against environmental targets, and a lot of the things that we are doing to improve health and safety and make sure that this is a great place to work.

‘Thank you all for the contribution that you have made, and please do take a look at it.’

Simon Thompson, CEO, said: ‘Being a responsible business is integral to the success and sustainability of our operations. It is more than just delivering a good service. It’s about being a part of the communities you serve. It’s about acting with honesty and integrity. It’s about being a great employer. It’s about being trusted to look after our planet and communities for the next generations.’

Click here to visit and view our corporate responsibility report, click here to visit and join the Corporate Responsibility and Environment group on Workplace and look out for more information on myroyalmail.com and Workplace over the coming days.

22 Jun 2021