Raw talent

Royal Mail’s Got Talent launches on Workplace

Royal Mail’s Got Talent is all about amplifying new voices in the world of Workplace.

Our new Workplace group is the opportunity for colleagues to have fun, enjoy laughs and show off the talents they have outside of the workplace.

We know there’s colleagues who can sing, strum, paint, create, bake and everything else in between.

Head of internal communications, Ben Wilkie, says the main driver is for colleagues to collaborate, be their authentic selves and enjoy using the new communications platform.

‘Royal Mail is such a diverse community so this is a fantastic opportunity that colleagues can be heard and seen. We’re aware there’s lots of hidden talents out there, please don’t be shy – get posting,’ he said.

‘Our focus is encouraging people up and down the country to develop networks, something that’s totally new thanks to Workplace.’

All talents welcome, please remember posts must remain family-friendly.

To join the group, please click here.

14 May 2021