Moving revisions forward

RMtv Special: What the agreement means for you

We’re making progress moving forward with the commitments made in our framework agreement with the CWU, writes Paul Smith.

In an RMtv Special, chief operating officer Achim Dünnwald provides an update on what has changed in recent weeks as a result of the agreement, and talks more specifically about what the agreement means for mail centre OPGs and delivery office posties.

Press play to watch Achim cover this, as well as discussing what the revisions are based on and how we implement the agreement, while cultivating customers’ trust on the doorstep.

‘There’s been a lot of work that’s been done by the national officers, the Royal Mail team and many, many people around it, to move the agreement forward and the commitments we have made in the agreement,’ says Achim.

‘We have agreed national guidelines in a number of areas, in particular for structural revisions, table top Delivery revisions, Process revisions, Feet and engineering, scan-in, scan-out and resource scheduler.

‘Very importantly, we’ve worked together jointly, in good spirits, at pace.’

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8 Apr 2021