Bite versus bark

Don’t become complacent over the Easter break. Keep an eye on your dog.

We’ve read about it, some of us may even guilty of it: purchasing a fluffy new friend to keep you or your family company during lockdown.

According to The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to dog health, welfare and training, Covid-19 has also brought about a ‘puppy boom’, with one in four people admitting to impulse buying a pandemic puppy.

With the Easter break just days away, Nick Burns, compliance and sustainability planning manager, reminds colleagues of the dangers of this increase in dog ownership across the country.

‘Easter is a fantastic time to unwind, but let’s not forget that our posties are still out and about keeping the country connected. If you’re a new dog owner or think you know your pet inside out, think again,’ says Nick.

‘Dogs are loving, but they can be unpredictable. Please think of those visiting your homes, including your postman or woman. I’ve seen some horrific dog attacks in my time and the injuries can be life-changing’.  

Colleagues who notice a new dog on their duty should use the WRAP (walk risk assessment platform) to highlight any risks to their colleagues.

‘For our colleagues who don’t want to ruin their Easter, please consider AVOID to staying safe out on delivery’. For more about dangerous dog attacks, please click here.

1 Apr 2021