Deliver with ethics

Don’t be afraid to Speak Up by using our updated helpline

We want to encourage an environment where colleagues feel safe to call out behaviour that goes against our values.

That’s why we’ve switched to a new independent supplier for our confidential Speak Up helpline, from today, so cases can be managed more effectively and efficiently.

The helpline encourages our people to challenge the status quo and report any concerns they have.

Speak Up is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can remain anonymous, too, if you wish.

From today, to use Speak Up, you can:

Dr Shaun Davis, group compliance and sustainability director, encourages everyone to save the new number to their phone, for when it may be needed.

‘You are all the eyes and ears of the business – not to mention its conscience,’ he said. ‘Simply following the rules is not enough to protect the business from reputational and financial harm.

‘That’s where having a culture of compliance and ethics comes in. This means deciding what we need to do to be successful and then running that decision through an ethical filter. For example, does it comply with our policies and our Business Standards? Is it in line with our culture and values? Would it reflect badly on Royal Mail?

‘By delivering profits with ethics, we retain the trust of our customers, our colleagues, our unions and our regulators and enhance our already strong reputation.’

31 Mar 2021