Quality counts

WATCH RMtv: How we rate against our competitors and what we need to do to prosper

We’ve talked a lot about Royal Mail being the most trusted delivery provider, to ‘own’ trust at the doorstep.

Although our customer research shows we’re the most trusted, we’re in jeopardy of losing that title to Amazon Logistics.

In the latest RMtv, we’re focusing on how it’s imperative our quality improves. Colleagues tell us what they think quality means and we chat to some customers about why they choose Royal Mail.

Chief commercial officer, Nick Landon, who recently visited Rugby Delivery Office to discuss quality with colleagues, says it’s pretty simple for us to address what’s important to our customers and what we can do about it.

‘Number one, they want items to arrive in good condition. Number two, they want helpful and professional postmen and women. And number three, they want items to arrive on time,’ he says.

Also in the programme, The Trust Survey – how your views will build a better business, and find out what makes postman Clifford Whyte so special to his customers.

Watch the full programme here: 

19 Feb 2021