Deploying our agreement

Achim Dünnwald discusses our agreement with the CWU in detail

Our agreement with the CWU will help the company move forward, says Achim Dünnwald in an RMtv programme dedicated to the subject, writes Paul Smith.

Our chief operating officer covers a range of topics on the agreement in the programme – which you can click here to watch – and tells colleagues how everyone has a part to play to make it a success.

Across eight minutes, you can watch Achim cover the timelines for implementation, how it will work on a local level, why it is an agreement for all functions and what it means for the company and our people.

He answers colleagues’ questions, too.

‘We have a positive agreement,’ he says. ‘It’s a new start and we’re making the necessary changes together to make this agreement a success and for Royal Mail to remain what it is – a superb company.

‘None of us, is my core belief, can do great things every day. But, I think, everyone – including myself – can do what we are doing every day, in a great way. If that is the mindset that we bring to work, I have no doubt whatsoever that we will remain the number one logistics, parcels and letters company in the UK.’

Watch this and all other episodes of RMtv by clicking here to see the archive.

Keep your questions for Achim coming in too. Send a video of yourself asking your question to and we’ll feature the best in an upcoming programme.

22 Jan 2021