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Action for Children received the most votes in the Employee Survey and has become our new charity partner.

The partnership will cover a number of key pillars: mental health training, awareness-raising, communications, pro-bono support, work placements and fundraising.

Action for Children is expert in supporting teenagers who are suffering from mental health problems, or who are at serious risk of developing them. The charity has supported young people for 150 years, by providing counselling, therapy and mentoring.

Our aim is to raise £2m for Action for Children - £1m from colleagues and £1m in matched giving from Royal Mail. With our funds, the charity will employ specialist youth workers to deliver face-to-face support sessions for 8,000 young people, to help prevent them from developing mental health problems. Our partnership will enable Action for Children to deliver a nationwide, preventative, mental health programme for young people in schools for the first time.

‘I am delighted that Action for Children has been chosen as Royal Mail Group’s new charity partner,’ said Sir Tony Hawkhead, Action for Children chief executive.

‘On average, every classroom in Britain has three children with a diagnosable mental health illness. If we act early, we can prevent these illnesses from having a devastating impact on those children for the rest of their lives.’

Dr Shaun Davis, our global director of safety, health, wellbeing and sustainability said: 'Mental health is an issue that directly or indirectly touches each and every one of us - at home, work or both. I am delighted that we, as an organisation, are supporting this very important area. Supporting Action for Children and the adults of tomorrow is a fantastic place to focus our efforts and I am committed personally and professionally to doing all I can to support this great cause.'

As part of our ‘everyone’s a winner’ approach, Mind and Mental Health UK will receive £50,000 each to be spent on the propositions we agreed with them. In return, they will support our mental health initiatives.

You can find out more about Action for Children, and our wider mental health campaign, on our new myroyalmail webpages at the following address: