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26 August 2016

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Your Employee Shares Account

02:35am, 12 Nov, 2013
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Activate your online shareholding account using your unique activation code
Free Shares Offer

Included with eligible employees’ formal allocation notice is the unique activation code for their online Employee Shares Account. Eligible employees need to use their code to register their account at

You can use your account to view details of your Free Shares, track their value and find out more about the Royal Mail Share Incentive Plan.

Limited time only

Your Employee Shares Account activation code is valid for a limited time only. Please activate your account as soon as possible to gain instant access to your shareholding.

Your account will need to be fully activated for you to be able to carry out transactions online and sell your shares  - should you wish to do so - when they reach the end of the relevant holding period.

If you have any queries please contact