4 July 2020
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Induction provides the opportunity for Royal Mail Group to welcome an employee into their new role, introducing them to the business goals, structure, values and culture whilst supporting the individual to gain a sound understanding of their roles and responsibilities which will benefit them as they integrate into the new environment.

The whole induction process supports you for the first 25 weeks within our business. During your first week you will have a day in a classroom with a trainer and a few days learning on the job. On your second week you will be allocated a job where you will remain, where possible. Throughout the first few weeks you will meet your manager and coach who will help to support you. For the full details on the induction process please see our New entrant induction process document.

Your coaching model for Delivery induction for week 1 provides full details of what you can expect in your first week including the activities you will be doing and what you will be learning. After the first week you will spend your time learning by doing, you will have an opportunity to assess your progress with a trial report in week 13 with a final report in week 25 whilst all the time building your competence and experience. For information about what you will be doing from week two onwards, please see Your coaching model for delivery induction week 2-25.