18 January 2020
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Information comes in many different electronic and hard copy forms. It can be created, stored, edited, disseminated, transported, copied, printed and deleted in many different ways, and on many different devices.

Protecting information is simple. All you need to do is learn the best way to undertake these activities, and our new information security awareness programme Think secure is here to help.

Over the coming months, we will focus on a range of topics such as emailing, browsing and travelling with information. We will explain the threats to information, and provide easy to follow guidance on how to protect it. The great news is that this guidance can be used to protect your own personal information as well, helping you to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.  

To begin with, we’ve identified five key rules that will help you to protect Royal Mail Group’s information. Click on the links below to read more, and keep them in mind at all times. You may also find them useful for protecting your own and your family’s data as well.

The 5 rules

  • Protect information and equipment
    Our valuable information keeps Royal Mail Group in business. Learn more about the information we use and how to protect it.

  • Create strong passwords and keep them secure
    Your password is a key to our IT system. Learn how to create strong passwords and guard them at all times.

  • Use the internet safely and sensibly
    It only takes a single mouse click to compromise your computer or mobile device. Learn how to protect yourself when communicating and surfing the internet.

  • Be social media wise
    Social media services such as Facebook and Twitter can expose you, your family, friends, colleagues and Royal Mail Group to risks. Learn what they are and how to prevent them.

  • Report incidents immediately
    Act quickly to prevent information falling into the wrong hands. Learn what an incident is and how to report one.

Want to get in touch?

We’re always available to answer your questions or address your concerns about information security at Royal Mail Group. Simply contact the Information Security team.