2018 Pension Review: member consultation

Our consultation on the future of the Royal Mail Pension Plan after March 2018 has now closed.

Materials related to the consultation are available on this page. 

Consultation letter

Consultation booklet


Pension changes from 1 April 2014 (Royal Mail Pension Plan)

Changes from 1 April 2014 (Royal Mail Pension Plan)

The changes that came into effect on 1 April 2014 for Royal Mail Pension Plan members are outlined below.

In September 2013, following consultation the Company wrote to all employee members of the Royal Mail Pension Plan (the Plan) to inform them of the Company’s Decision to change the Plan.

Click here to view the Decision Booklet sent to all employees.

The following changes took place on 1 April 2014:

  1. Actual pay and pensionable pay are ‘de-linked’ from each other and increase independently
  2. For pension benefit and contribution purposes basic pensionable pay (after deduction of the LED for Section C members) is treated as increasing in line with retail price inflation, subject to a maximum of 5% a year and a minimum of 0% a year (actual pay awards continue to be made in the usual way)
  3. Any promotional pay awards while members stay in their 31 March 2014 “Pay Grade Grouping” (or PGG for short) flow through to increase both Career Salary Defined Benefit (CSDB) pensionable pay and Final Salary pensionable pay
  4. Any promotional pay awards if members move to a higher PGG than applicable at 31 March 2014 flow through to increase CSDB pensionable pay but do not increase Final Salary pensionable pay
  5. Payslips from April 2014 onwards will show the pensionable pay on which your pension contributions are calculated
  6. Pension contributions in respect of basic pensionable pay increase on 1 April each year (based on the retail price inflation figure at 30 September of the previous year) but actual pay remains the same until your next pay award is implemented. Pensionable allowances (and associated contributions) increase when next reviewed.