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Winners announced in new Bravery and Change Champion categories

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Lifesaver Eugene Whelan is the first winner of our Bravery Award, new to the Chairman's Awards for Excellence this year.

The Bexleyheath postman rushed to the rescue when he heard a mother screaming that her baby had drowned in the bath while he was on his delivery walk.

First aid-trained Eugene recovered the baby, who had turned blue.

‘I knew I needed to clear his airway,' says Eugene.

‘I turned him over and patted his back, and kept breathing air into his nose and mouth.'

Baby George eventually started breathing again.

‘His colour came flooding back and I suddenly heard him crying – it was the best sound in the world,' says Eugene.

Change champion

Martyn Downham from Jubilee mail centre scooped the first Change Champion award for his involvement in the site's World Class Mail (WCM) programme.

‘I was keen to get involved right from the start of WCM at Jubilee 18 months ago,' says Martyn.

‘We're in a competitive marketplace, so we have to adapt as a business and up our game, and that's what WCM is all about.

‘This new award is really important as it recognises the people who are supporting the changes we need to make.

‘I'm learning all the time, and really enjoy working with WCM teams from other sites, and encouraging my colleagues to get on board with WCM.

‘I was shocked to be shortlisted for this award.

‘It's a real milestone in my career, but it's an award for the whole team at Jubilee, not just for me.'

Community champion
Best colleague award
Customer Excellence winner