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Sparkling with Pride

Second London parade and first ever Sparkle in the Park were a huge success

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Colleagues from across the country were at the heart of our second ever Pride in London and our first Sparkle in the Park in Manchester.

More than 130 of our people took part in the annual event last weekend to celebrate and support LGBT colleagues and their friends, family and supporters. 

Pride in London was the first of a series of summer Pride events that we will be attending this year. Our fully customised Pride-themed lorry was used as our main Royal Mail float in the parade and will be rolled out to other Pride events later this year. It will also be used in everyday service.

Royal Mail choir members sang to roaring applause on board the float while Vasos, our DJ, roused spectators with crowd favourite ‘Please Mr Postman’ by The Carpenters together with a barrage of cheesy anthems and uplifting dance classics.

Marching proudly in unison behind, colleagues adorned in our celebrated red ‘Delivering with Pride’ T-shirts danced their way through central London alongside placard bearing representatives from both Missing People and Action for Children.

Our immensely popular rainbow postbox postcards and pin badges again proved a huge hit with members of the public, with colleagues handing out an astonishing 74,000 postcards to spectators eager to collect the full set of six.

Meanwhile at Sparkle in the Park in Manchester, flag-waving colleagues commandeered the corner of Canal Street, handing out a further 2,000 postcards beside a specially painted Pride-themed police car!

The Pride in London event brought colleagues together from across the business, including operations director Geoff Braden, Logistics director Euan McMurdo, and our chief of staff Mick Jeavons.

Fleet supply manager and ‘chief dancer’ Lorna McAtear said: ‘It was incredible to be part of Pride this year. It was such a vibrant and enthusiastic parade, from all those walking through London and the crowds that waved and cheered us as we went past. 

‘We are such a recognised brand and so for myself and Royal Mail Fleet to support the event in any way possible was just fantastic. To see our Pride-themed lorry come to life, the vibrancy of the colours, the fabulous crowd reaction to the livery and the rainbow postbox, all the red T-shirts walking towards us was an incredible experience I will never forget. 

‘Seeing everyone come together makes me very proud to be at Royal Mail. There are some amazing people out there.  It definitely makes the all the effort worthwhile.’

Lyanne Maclean, chair of our LGBT steering group, said: ‘What a fantastic day and a brilliant turn out for Royal Mail. I was again humbled by all the colleagues and charity partners from Missing People and Action for Children who turned up to support us and I am very proud of all those who helped to plan the day. It definitely made our second ever London Pride bigger, better and bolder! We can’t wait until next year but until then, we’re very excited about Manchester and Glasgow.’

Our rainbow postbox, which can currently be found in the Houses of Parliament, continues to be a powerful symbol of our diversity. As one of the UK’s biggest employers, we are committed to putting equality and diversity at the heart of our business.