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PSE eligibility

Members of Royal Mail pension plans will be invited to take part

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If you are a member of the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP) or the Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan (RMDCP), you will be invited to take part in pension salary exchange (PSE). You will be automatically enrolled and take part in PSE from the launch date, as long as you meet the following conditions.

✔ Your pay after PSE (post-PSE pay) is over the PSE participation limit, which is currently £10,000 a year, around £192 a week if you are paid weekly or around £833 a month if you are paid monthly.

✔ The PSE adjustment (see jargon buster) and any other salary-exchange arrangements that you may have, for example childcare vouchers, do not reduce your post-PSE pay below the National Minimum Wage or the PSE participation limit.

✔ You are not on unpaid leave, for example a career break or seconded to another employer and paid on another payroll system.

✔ You continue to be paid from the UK.

Employees of GLS and employees of our other subsidiaries and joint ventures are not eligible to take part in PSE.

We have the right to withdraw, suspend or amend PSE or any Royal Mail pension arrangement at any time.