‘Made me chuckle’

From the postman having an ‘all-round good time’ to assisting a fall. It’s what we do

From the postman having an ‘all-round good time’ to assisting a fall. It’s what we do. Rounding-up the latest customer compliments we receive.

‘A postman this morning on his round has honestly made me chuckle. I couldn't see him, as I was upstairs with the windows open, however I could hear him singing his heart out, doing his rounds and having an all-round good time. When my neighbours answered their doors, I could hear him talking to them about their weekend, how it went and wishing them a good day. He was just generally really happy, bubbly and polite. He was honestly living his best life, and made me chuckle - Keep being you! Legend.’
Jordan, Grays, Essex

‘My mum had a fall today just outside her door and thankfully the lovely postman helped her up and inside. I would like my thanks to be passed on to him as her neighbour was out and she couldn’t get to her phone so she may have been on the floor a while.’
Michelle, Queens Road West, London

‘I ordered a parcel which was to be delivered but unfortunately did not change the address to my current one. I moved two years ago but just up the road. I had contacted the new owner of my old home to go and collect the item, but the postman remembered me and delivered to my door today with his normal cheery smile. If this isn’t going the extra mile I don’t know what is. Excellent service and a fantastic postman.’
Tracey, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

‘Your driver safely drove behind a car that had clearly got into difficulty - the M25 was gridlocked somewhere north of the M40 junction. Your man in his lorry made sure the silver car got onto the hard shoulder, crossing two lanes safely by keeping behind her. It was really kind - just a good thing to do. Once she’d stopped safely he carried on his journey.’
Melanie, on the M25

12 Aug 2021