Five million

Royal Mail App passes milestone downloads

The Royal Mail App has surpassed a milestone five million downloads and will only grow in importance as change continues.

In this video, chief digital product officer, Mel Carrie, discusses why everyone should celebrate our milestone moment.

He also covers off why digital – especially mobile-led – must be at the forefront of our transformation.

‘To get five million (downloads) for Royal Mail is superb,’ he says. ‘We are empowering our customers to interact with us digitally, wherever they are.

‘There’s a lot of opportunity to win new business and come up with new ideas that enable us to be seen as the continuum of a great brand that’s core to Britain and also that’s a leader in digital.’

We’re not resting on our laurels and are planning a series of changes to attract the next million customers and beyond to the Royal Mail App. Watch this space.

9 Aug 2021