Week on Workplace

A look back at the Week on Workplace

Dog Awareness Week took place from Monday 5 July – Sunday 11 July. We shared the latest figures on dog attacks and ran a series of case studies on Workplace throughout the week, while encouraging colleagues to post and share their own experiences using the hashtag #daw21. Here is a selection of the comments we received.


Karen Brain, St Austell Delivery Office

‘There needs to be more robust education of the public. Every dog owner understandably thinks their own dog is safe, and of course they are sweet and safe around them - but in the dog’s mind, we are trespassing on their property so they will always try to protect their pack. It’s very difficult trying to get customers to understand that. I’ve lost count of the number of stories from posties being told he won’t hurt you, moments before he bites!’


Tyron Hewitt, Newton Le Willows Delivery Office

‘Working for Royal Mail, I know how important it is to have my two puppies used to the postie and people coming to the door. Training them to know door knocks / doorbells and posting letters through. Sharing this with my friends and family who have pets, I stress the importance of how they need to train their dogs to be used to the postie. I hope this number (of dog attacks) continues to decline, even with the raise in pets during the pandemic #daw21.’


Dr Shaun Davis, global compliance and sustainability director

‘As we come to the end of this year’s annual Dog Awareness Week, I wanted to thank you all for your support and to remind you of some key statistics, facts and that we still have work to do. So “keep going,” as Simon Thompson regularly tells us. The two big ’take away’ phrases are: “Royal Mail is not anti-dog – we are pro responsible ownership” and “we should exercise caution around all dogs and remember that it is “the deed – not the breed.” Regardless of breed, size, age etc, even the most placid of dogs can have an off day.’

13 Jul 2021