Rowland Hill Fund Live

Find out how our in-house charity supports colleagues with our Workplace Live

Join Shan Lawrence of the Rowland Hill Fund (RHF) for a live Q&A only on Workplace.

The communications manager for our in-house charity, which offers financial aid to current and former employees, will be live at this link from 9.30am on Thursday 8 July.

Shan will talk about how the Fund works, what you can do to help and how challenging the last year has been.

But above all else, she will take questions – both pre-submitted and during the event – from you. So, start posting them on Workplace from today and join us live on Thursday. A recording of the event will remain in the same place, thereafter, if you can’t make the 9.30am start time.

‘I’m really looking forward to taking any questions colleagues have about the work we do,’ says Shan. ‘We get some fantastic support by the Royal Mail team who help us raise lots of money but there is always more needed so that we can continue to help colleagues in need.

‘I look forward to letting people know more about what the Fund does, how we can help you and how you can help us.’

If you need support

Take the first step and call the RHF helpline today on 0345 600 4586 (Monday-Friday 8.30pm-4pm) or visit

5 Jul 2021