RMtv PDA Special

New PDAs: Fit for the future

This week’s RMtv Special focuses on the brand-new PDAs, as we head to Ely Delivery Office in Cambridgeshire – the first unit in the country to test the new personal digital assistant.

‘Most days we were taking a second battery out with the old PDA,’ said Ely postman, Gavin Fisher. ‘It would be embarrassing standing at someone’s door waiting for your PDA to reboot’.

With colleagues expressing a need for new devices, CEO Simon Thompson and the business accelerated the rollout.

Ely Delivery Office became the first complete unit to use the devices and they’re already seeing major changes.

‘I’ve already seen an improvement in scanning compliance – we’ve also seen great performance, which is better for our posties and better for our customers,’ says delivery office manager, Richard Brusell.

The rollout to the core network is expected to be completed by September 2021, with Relay and Parcelforce Worldwide to following by March 2022.

Click here to watch the full programme, including a road test between the old PDAs and the new.

9 Jul 2021