Just the beginning

CEO and COO Awards: ‘Focusing on doing the right things in the right way’

Over the past two years, they’ve had to contend with big changes as they transition into the first fully-automated parcel hub. But North West Distribution Centre have taken it in their stride, and been crowned national operations unit of the year in our annual CEO and COO Awards.

Plant manager, Eddie Douglas, said the win is an honour for the entire team and believes their success is down to a few simple mindsets.

‘Even in times of change, we always wanted to keep focused on doing the right things in the right way, every day,’ said Eddie.

‘We’ve moved site twice in the last two years and, in each of those moves, our priority was always to ensure that our customers weren’t impacted by the changes we underwent.’

Eddie insists the entire team is responsible for contributing to their successful ways of working. 

‘Processing and despatching are subject to constant checks whenever our teams recognise opportunities to improve,’ he said. ‘Our customers are amongst some of our largest at Royal Mail, so we always ensure communications to them are proactive and timely.’

The dust hasn’t yet settled for the team as they’re about to embark on their biggest and most exciting challenge – moving into Royal Mail’s first fully automated parcel hub next year.

‘Watching it being built has been fascinating, but we just can’t wait to start operating it!’ said Eddie. ‘We moved out of the hub site at the beginning of this year so they could install the automated system. We’re expecting to move the cross docking back into the hub in October, and then use the automated parcel sorting system April 2022.’

For now, Eddie and the team will be taking suggestions from everyone at North West Distribution Centre on what they should do with the prize winnings.

12 Jul 2021