Customer compliments

A look at customers’ words of thanks from the past week

Customers contact us every week to say ‘thank you’ for the service you provide. The feedback we get shows that even the smallest actions of one individual postie make huge differences that people appreciate and remember. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated and valued across the whole of the UK – so thank you for everything that you do!


‘I would like to commend my postman, Rich, for his hard work and cheerful disposition, even under the most trying meteorological circumstances. Seeing him always brightens my day. Thank you, Rich, you are a treasure!’

Dorothy, Bristol


‘I had an epileptic fit at my door just as the postman was delivering my parcels. He caught me as I collapsed and positioned me so I didn't injure myself. He gave me first aid then helped me back into my home and stayed with me until I was OK. I'd like you to thank him please.’

Billy, County Down, Northern Ireland


‘I made the postman aware that we were in isolation and to leave the mail on the wall and he came back to ask if we needed anything like bread and milk. I just found it so heart-warming especially in this trying time.’

Patricia, Belfast, Northern Ireland


‘Leanne serves the Churchfield estate in Nuneaton. She is excellent. She works extremely hard and always has a smile on her face. It's a pleasure to see her at work and a treat to chat with her as she goes about her duties. Please look after her as she is an asset to the business.’

John, Nuneaton


‘We are an emergency ambulance crew and have just been pulled up on an estate after a difficult job. One of your amazing posties drove past and saw us parked up. He went to the shop and bought us two lovely cold drinks and thanked us for doing our jobs. We didn’t catch his name but we are in Peterlee. We wondered if you could pass on our thanks and appreciation as it really has made our day. From two very happy paramedics.’

Emily, Peterlee

29 Jul 2021