Beano bonanza

We pay tribute to Beano character Dennis on his 70th anniversary with a set of Special Stamps

We are marking the 70th anniversary of Beano’s Dennis with a set of 10 Special Stamps.

Six of the stamps depict key moments in the life of the popular comic character – whose trademark is his black and red striped jumper - from 1951 to the present day.  

Dennis – ‘the world’s wildest boy’ – first appeared in Beano issue no. 452 on 17 March 1951. Events that have been commemorated on our set of Special Stamps include: meeting his baby sister, Bea, and adopting Gnasher.

Mike Stirling, editorial director of Beano Studios, said: ‘We believe everyone has a little bit of the Dennis spirit within them, so can’t wait for fans big and small to take delivery of this amazing piece of Dennis history.

‘This incredible stamp collection really pushes the envelope of philately flattery for our hero.’

A further four stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, have been illustrated exclusively for Royal Mail by the current Dennis artist, Nigel Parkinson, and wish Dennis a Happy Birthday.

The stamps are all based on original illustrations from the comics.

Also celebrated is Dennis’s partner in crime – the Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound, Gnasher, who Dennis first met in 1968.

Natasha Ayivor, senior external communications campaigns manager, said: ‘For seven decades, Dennis has been entertaining children by getting into all manner of mischief and mayhem.

‘Generations have experienced the excitement and anticipation of reading about Dennis’s latest prank.

‘Royal Mail is delighted to be honouring Dennis and Gnasher with a set of stamps as the ultimate birthday present.'

  • The full set of 10 stamps, available in a presentation pack, retails at £13.65. The stamps and a range of collectible products are available from today at   
1 Jul 2021