PSE annual window

Your options

PSE allows you to make a saving on your National Insurance contributions, by changing the way you make contributions to your pension. As a result, you should receive an increase in your take home pay. PSE was introduced five years ago and almost all eligible employees participate in it.

If you are taking part in PSE but would now like to opt out, you need to complete and return your opt-out form by the deadline of 16 July 2021.

If you have previously opted out of PSE and now want to opt back in, you can do so at any time.

Requesting PSE forms

If you would like either an ‘opt in to PSE’, or ‘opt out of PSE’ form, please contact Royal Mail HR Services by calling 0345 60 60 603 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays) or by emailing

For more information about PSE, click here.

Please note that the changes made to the Royal Mail Pension Plan from 1 April 2018 do not affect PSE or your National Insurance contributions.

Legal note: Royal Mail has the right to withdraw, suspend or amend PSE at any time.

21 Jun 2021