Back on track

Morley Delivery Office wins ‘Most Improved Delivery Office’

It was when Morley Delivery Office was thrown the question, ‘how can you improve?’ that the team were inspired to band together and up their performance.    

Like others across the UK, Morley suffered greatly at the start of the pandemic when it was evident their unit was struggling with cover due to Covid-19 spreading through their unit.

‘At our lowest point, I only had 15 colleagues out of 47 in a unit that covers 31 deliveries,’ said delivery office manager, Timothy Johnson (pictured).

We learned invaluable lessons from the first lockdown and implemented more changes along the way  – which in turn helped us to achieve this award.’

Not only were the team faced with intense operational pressures, but they were starting to feel some backlash from customers.

‘At one point we were receiving around 60 complaints per day. We did manage to maintain and deliver all our premium products. The commitment and passion from my team was amazing and we eventually cleared and caught up.’

Timothy believes the pandemic has brought the team closer, while encouraging managers to seek alternative ways of working to keep up morale.  

‘One of the most important things is talking and listening to individuals,’ said Timothy. ‘I care about my team’s wellbeing and it’s made them feel valued. We have fun but we also understand what the business expects.’

From open dialogue comes success. Not only has the team won ‘Most Outstanding Delivery Office’ in Yorkshire as part of the recent CEO and COO Awards, but the two-way dialogue is working.  

‘We have planned a revision, which I believe will set us up to succeed. We are changing from a one-in-four rotation to a one-in-six, absorbing all the new building development in LS27 and creating dedicated parcel vans without requiring any extra vans from the business. The whole team has developed it. We’re just waiting on sign off.’

7 Jun 2021