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Mystery solved: Workplace winner reveals location, plus the yarn-bomber behind the tribute

There’s always a story behind a story. And that’s exactly what happened with Workplace winner and pipeline performance coach, Brian Farrell.

Based at West London Delivery Centre, Brian was awarded a prize for correctly guessing a ‘where is it?’ picture, whereby colleagues were invited to guess the location of a postbox topper. [FYI – the correct location was Ruislip].

Usually considered a type of ‘secret society’ for those who create artful scenes out of yarn to display on postboxes, that secret came out when Brian wanted to reveal the special crafter and reached out to myroyalmail recently.

‘The box topper was actually knitted by Sarah Green, the agency cleaner at Ruislip Delivery office,’ said Brian.

 ‘She’s normally a self-employed hairdresser, but due to Covid-19, she had to seek alternative work – and therefore jointed our team for a short period.’

Sarah took it upon herself to dedicate her woolly creation to Ruislip Delivery Office manager, Mark Semke (pictured).

‘Mark suffers from Parkinson’s, so she displayed a QR code on the postbox that would direct people to the Parkinson’s UK charity website, to encourage donations.

‘As she dedicated the topper to Mark, I’m gladly donating my recent competition win to Sarah’.

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4 May 2021