Many happy returns

Return unwanted uniform – protect our brand and the environment

Play your part in protecting our brand and helping the environment by correctly returning unwanted items of uniform, writes Laura Scott.

Items of Royal Mail uniform that are supplied to colleagues across our operations play a key role in positioning and sustaining our brand image. Not only is our brand highly recognisable, but it’s also trusted by our customers; it’s valuable and should be protected with pride – especially against misuse.

The process for securing uniform is straightforward – individual colleagues can order the items directly through our uniform supplier, Dimensions, based on their annual allocation. It’s also the responsibility of individual colleagues to return any items that are unwanted (e.g. incorrect size) or worn (whether needing replacement or when leaving the business) directly to Dimensions. Again, the process is straightforward – simply bag it up and send it through the RM network.

Returning unwanted uniform items is important on several levels:

  • Any unworn items go back into stock to be ordered by other colleagues, while the returning colleague is credited with the item against their annual allocation
  • Logos and other brand identifiers on worn items are removed prior to disposal, preventing security breaches.
  • Worn items are recycled (shredded for use in other items) or reused (worn footwear is sent to poor communities across the world).
  • The risk of our uniform getting into the ‘wrong’ hands and being used to misrepresent the company and our brand is eliminated.

National uniform and print manager, Sam Dixon, says: 'Everyone can do their bit by ensuring any unwanted uniform is returned. The Royal Mail brand is a crucial part of what makes us the company we are – our customers see the logo and our uniform and instantly feel like they can trust us.

'Our uniform is a big part of the trust we have on the doorstep. Wearing it correctly and recycling unwanted items will help us continue to enjoy that trust.'

20 Jan 2021