Dedicated and diligent

Exeter LD colleague’s contribution to the unit’s performance acknowledged

Mike Bradford (Transport DRP at Exeter LD nominated Thomas Pryce (Customer Service Provider, Admin) as the unit’s July 2020 Employee of the Month in recognition of Tom’s diligence in covering the De-brief role since the regular incumbent was involved in an accident last year. 

“De-brief is an important role within the Depot as it not only supports my role but also oversees the end-of-day reports,” wrote Mike in his citation. “By doing it as well as he does, Tom contributes tremendously to the Depot’s performance being good!”

He added that Tom is very diligent in his role, often working late into the evening and regularly still being on site to tie up all the loose ends that’ve been left during the day when the Night Sort arrive. “Tom scrutinizes the Drivers on their return to ensure that everything is accounted for and that processes have been followed correctly. He makes sure that vans are swopped at MTW, any issues with vans are dealt with, and so on. What’s more, Tom is extremely supportive and constantly helpful; nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for him, even if he already has a mountain of work to deal with,” Mike explained

He concluded by saying that Tom has stood head and shoulders above his colleagues in terms of dedication to his role. “It’s good to know he is on our team!”

Mark Hynam (Operations Manager, Exeter LD) endorsed Mike’s nomination and presented the award to Tom.

16 Oct 2020