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RHF Awareness Week

Helping our own during this unprecedented time

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This week is Rowland Hill Fund (RHF) Awareness Week, an opportunity to raise awareness of our in-house charity during this unprecedented time.

What sort of help can we provide specific to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Our criteria remain the same – to help serving and former colleagues and their dependents, who are struggling financially. Financial help can include assistance with rent, mortgages and utility bill arrears, as well as funds towards disability aids, white goods and more. 

RHF communications manager, Shan Lawrence, said: ‘Our helpline is receiving a significant number of calls as colleagues are now finding themselves facing a ‘nil pay’ situation as they decide to take time out to care for someone who is vulnerable within their household or they have exhausted their sick leave absence.

‘As with all cases, we will treat each application individually, fairly and without judgement. We will require the usual personal documents, such as bank statements and medical details to help those who find themselves struggling financially.

‘This is particularly crucial now when colleagues, retired employees and their dependent families are affected by coronavirus.’

Chief finance officer, Stuart Simpson, said: ‘I am delighted to support our in-house charity and so should you. Their work is an essential part of providing support to our own people.

‘Recent help has been given to a family supporting a child with cancer, household items for a colleague, who is starting again after a relationship breakdown, counselling for a teenager who is self-harming, hospital travelling expenses for long-term treatment and a contribution to funeral expenses for an untimely death.

‘Please use this week as your opportunity talk about how the Fund can help colleagues when they need it most.’

To apply to the Fund, you must:

  • Be working for or retired from Royal Mail, Parcelforce or Post Office
  • Have savings of less than £12K
  • Have worked for one of the businesses for six months
  • Be aware that we do not pay off credit card debts


  • You do not need to contribute to the Fund to apply and receive a grant
  • You do not need to pay back any grant made
  • It is completely confidential - your information is never shared (unless you agree)
  • We do not work for Royal Mail - we are a completely independent charity

Take the first step and call the RHF helpline today on 0345 600 4586 (Monday-Friday 8.30pm-4pm).

If you would like to know more about the Fund, you can contact on 07841 953 842 or on 07553 378 796.

Feeling First Class Support

We understand that there is concern and anxiety about coronavirus. If you or a member of your team would like to speak to a counsellor, they can contact First Class Support available 24/7 to provide emotional (not medical) support on 0800 6888 777.