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Clevedon postmen Geoff and Steve are the toast of the town

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Postmen Geoff Sacklyn and Steve Twigger are the toast of the town in Clevedon for checking on residents and ensuring their welfare during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Customers in the North Somerset town, have been thanking Geoff and Steve for their kindness in looking out for them on their rounds and for ‘bringing them joy.’

Geoff’s stepdaughter Nichola saw the below post on a local Facebook community group that has since gone viral. ‘Today I had my local postie knock on my door to make sure I was ok. Two weeks ago, I had a chest infection and he saw then I was poorly. What a kind thing to do.’

The online post attracted compliments from residents who called Geoff and Steve ‘lovely’, ‘kind’ and ‘helpful.’ Another resident said Geoff ‘checks on my mum just about every day.’

Geoff, who was been working in Clevedon for five years, said he didn’t expect the reaction he has received and said it was just ‘part of his job’ to connect with people and keep their spirits up.

‘It’s a part of what we do as postmen,’ he told the North Somerset Times. ‘You know who’s vulnerable and you try to help as much as you can. Everyone is keeping their distance so we do as much as we can and go that little extra for some people.

‘We are the outside world to some people who can’t go out…It’s a mixed bag of people in Clevedon, you get the elderly people on the route and they are the most vulnerable because you don’t know if they have family, so you check they are ok.

‘It’s nice to be out, obviously we are the lucky ones who are out working and out and about while some people aren’t. It’s nice to bring light to situations the best you can.’

Clevedon delivery office manager, Tony Reed, said: ‘It’s nice to see another one of my posties being noticed for their caring nature towards their customers.

‘Geoff is a kind person who tries to help out where he can. He’s always smiling around the office.’

Photo by North Somerset Times.