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We are implementing changes to prioritise some mail

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Colleagues have been asking about the possibility of limiting the amount of non-essential items we are being asked to deliver during these challenging times.

We have now implemented changes to prioritise some mail. We will deliver unaddressed door to door advertising mailings to customers who are receiving addressed letters or parcels at the same time, wherever practically possible. 

Door to Door mailings provide a very valuable service to small businesses and companies of all kinds as they seek to provide their goods and services. It’s important to remember that many small businesses need that support now more than ever. Door to Door mailings also include important communications from government and other authorities, which need to reach every household. It is therefore important that we keep the Door to Door channel open and effective.

We are required to deliver the universal service through the market. The universal postal service provides a lifeline to businesses and communities everywhere and we are proud to provide it. Door-to-door mailings and marketing mail are a very important means of paying for the universal service and supporting the delivery of all mail – including important documents such as hospital appointments and medical prescriptions.