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Working hard to procure stocks of the items we know you need

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We know that colleagues throughout the operation are concerned about the availability of hygiene and safety items such as soap, gloves and antiseptic wipes.

To ensure frontline colleagues are kept fully supplied with disposable latex gloves, bulk orders of gloves in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes are currently being dispatched via mail centres. Units have also been receiving supplies of antiseptic wipes.

We are continuing to work hard to procure stocks of the items we know you need, such as hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes, however, there is a global shortage of these products and the chemicals to make them.

We are sending out what we can, when we can. It is important to remember that where available, bulk supplies in the UK are being prioritised for the NHS.

We are doing everything we can to protect colleagues and customers at this very difficult time. Public Health England (PHE) continues to suggest that the best way to stop the spread of coronavirus (apart from following social isolation guidelines) is to wash your hands regularly and ensure that you don’t touch your face with unclean hands. 

There are practical solutions to handwashing on delivery and collection, which should be considered:

  • Washing hands before leaving the office to start your duty and on return
  • Request to use facilities of a business customer (they are legally required to provide toilet facilities)
  • Make use of any public toilets
  • If there is an urgent requirement to wash hands e.g. first aid incident, consider stopping your delivery/collection and visit the nearest public convenience or drive back to your office.

As well as making a series of adjustments to our parcel handling procedures, we have introduced a range of new social distancing measures aimed at offering further protection for colleagues. Standard ways of working are being revised to ensure that, wherever possible, colleagues stay two metres apart. We are keeping our ways of working under constant review.

Please remember, cleaning stock (soap, toilet rolls, cleaning chemicals etc) is in high demand not just in the UK but across the world by both governments and industry. We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.