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To the team at Inverurie, you guys are ‘amazing,’ said one very impressed customer…

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To the ‘lovely’ colleague at Scunthorpe Delivery Office, a huge thank you from both us and the customer, who noticed how you kept smiling despite all the flak you were having to deal with.

Another customer was left beaming ‘thanks to the sheer loveliness and cheerfulness of everyone’ at Smethwick Delivery Office. Ans there’s ‘huge respect’ for colleagues in Cheltenham.

Below is a small selection of tweets from happy customers bedazzled with our incredible service.

  • @letterappsoc – One day I'd love to spend a day with @RoyalMail and see the impressive work they do delivering the little pieces of us (thoughts, cares, plans, dreams, things we've done, waffle) all around the country and beyond. And so quickly. Just amazing.
  • @JEMfulfilment – Beautiful #Christmasstamps from @RoyalMail this year!
  • @ChaplainWEdin – Many thanks to John from the Royal Mail pipe band who played for the act of remembrance at the Mail Centre Sighthill this morning @RoyalMail #RemembranceDay (pictured, John Chaplain).
  • @preemiemummy18 – Dear @RoyalMail our postman is amazing! Gently knocks on the door instead of ringing the bell in case baby is asleep. Thank you!
  • @lisa_calder – @RoyalMailHelp @RoyalMail Just wanted to say thank you to one of your Inverurie staff who helped me out today. Credit where it’s due.
  • @FourFeetFilms – I don’t know what it is about my local @RoyalMail Sorting Office, but I think it’s just beautiful. And I’ve made delicious jam from the crab apples growing outside. #PostOffice #Modernism #architecture #autumn #jam.
  • @adam86foster – Could you get a thank you to the lovely staff member at @RoyalMail Scunthorpe sorting office please? Queued out the door already and some people just being complete a#$eh#les to her! She kept a smile and good humour and deserves some appreciation.
  • @fudgemunch – Despite feeling like a 100-year-old snot gremlin, I am beaming thanks to the sheer loveliness and cheerfulness of everyone who works at the @RoyalMail delivery office in Smethwick. Smiles for days!
  • @wkt271j – After days of trudging the wet streets of Cheltenham I now have huge respect for @RoyalMail‘s postmen & women. #leafleting #Election2019
  • @carolineallen­_ – First impressions are everything to us and they continually let us down. I really recommend @RoyalMail so from now on all our parcels will be sent via RM only.